Commercial SIPs by SIP Supply

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Learn about SIPs and Expand your Business

Land Developers, Builders, Architects and other construction professionals will be looking to you to engineer their SIP Projects.   From our experience, we sometimes find it difficult to qualify engineers to which we can refer our clients....

To get a jump on the competition, you should at the least, start with the SIP Supply SIP Info Course  "The Features, Benefits & Applications of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)" to get an overall picture of what a SIP is and what a SIP can do as a green building product.

SIP education course
You will recieve: 

  • Full-color eCoursebook, a formerly AIA-accredited continuing education course
  • 105 pages in PDF format
  • Bonus: Includes full Chameloen House case-study
  • Emailed directly to you
  • Exclusively offered at

Topics Include:

  • History of SIPs
  • Market Trends
  • Applications
  • LEED and Energy Star
  • The SIP foam core
  • Structural Properties
  • Features and Design
  • and more..

We created this course to help professionals such as yourself to become more familiar with Structural Insulated Panel products and allow further interest in this growing industry of Green building.

For a limited time we are offering to you a Professional Courtesy Discount on our SIP Informational Course.  Formerly our AIA Accredited Continuing Education Course which was featured on AEC Daily and has since expired, the valuable information contained within the course has not. 

You are now able to purchase this Informational Course for $9.99 (PDF format, 105-pages includes real-world case-study):



Due to the nature of this product's format, we're sorry but there is a "no-refund" policy with this purchase.


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Designed to withstand wind, fire and military-style conditions, our shelters are an affordable solution for one or many.  With our volume production capabilities,  we are the ideal choice for city-wide disaster recovery or preparedness programs.. 

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