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Submission Requirements

Since our inception in 2003, we have never charged for a Project Quote from our customers.  To continue to offer this service to you, we do ask that you review our requirements below and have the necessary information for us to facilitate your request.  

In order to prepare an initial estimate, we ask that you complete the RFQ (Request for Quote) Form.   We will need the following information to prepare an initial estimate:

Plans should be legible and information should include:

 Full Set of Drawings 

  1. Site location (city, state and zip)
  2. Site address (if known) and APN (Parcel Number)
  3. Floor plans with dimensions
  4. All elevation views (with roof pitches noted)
  5. Building section(s) showing wall heights and connection details
  6. Roof Plan or Truss Layout
  7. Electrical Layout
  8. Projected construction date

Submit your Quote Request



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Designed to withstand wind, fire and military-style conditions, our shelters are an affordable solution for one or many.  With our volume production capabilities,  we are the ideal choice for city-wide disaster recovery or preparedness programs.. 

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