Commercial SIPs by SIP Supply

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Military Shelter Units


Read about Greenix Panels getting Blasted, Literally!

At SIP Supply, we can assist in the procurement of Structural Insulated Panels for military shelter contracts for applications such as:

  • Temporary Housing
  • MobileUnits
  • Energy Efficient Base Housing
  • Prototypes
  • Training Structures
  • Military Shelters

When planning, specifiying and building a government or military facility, we understand that security, durability and cost are leading factors.

When SIP Supply is asked to procure your Panels, you can be assured that we will understand your needs, that we know the construction process and we will work with you to see your project to completion.

Recent projects requesting our Greenix Panels include: Military Shelters, Search Houses, Blast Houses, Milcon Developments, Utility Buildings, Office Complexes, Storage Facilities...


View the Project Gallery for more images on Mil-Shelter Units


Quantico, Virginia Blast Training Units

Custom Designed Camo Training Units

Canadian Military Communication Units


What's Trending

With natural disasters on the rise yearly, our most popular products today are our Greenix Emergency Shelters.

Designed to withstand wind, fire and military-style conditions, our shelters are an affordable solution for one or many.  With our volume production capabilities,  we are the ideal choice for city-wide disaster recovery or preparedness programs.. 

Download the Free Greenix Emergency Shelter Info Packet.