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Are your SIP Plans Value Engineered?

If your Structural Insulated Panel plans are not "Value-Engineered" then you might be overspending on your project!

What is "Value-Engineering?"  This is a service we offer at SIP Supply to review and/or redesign your plan that delivers more value for your project dollars.   There are specific design changes when using SIPs such as opening placements, rooflines and structure dimensions, that with some adjustments could in fact save thousands.   

So, the bottom line with "Value Engineering" you can: 

  • Reduce the overall cost of manufacturing your SIPs
  • Reduce assembly and installation (labor) costs 
  • Present a modified, cost effective steamlined SIP design

Request this option when submitting your project for review and we can discuss in detail how your plans could benefit from this service. 

Note:  In addition to the benefits of using these services, we are able to have your plans "Stamped" in almost any state you request which may be required by your local building departments. 


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